Sailor Cats




Help this seafaring kitty



All ages

Sailor Cats is an action-adventure game where you take on the life of the cutest little cat sailing the high seas. Your objective is to fish as much material as possible in order to use it to build a big enough boat to navigate in search of a great treasure.

In the beginning, you'll fish up wooden boards, bottles with hidden gifts inside, and figurines that you can trade for money. Your findings help you on your way to build a sturdier ship (it starts out a just a cardboard box). Plus, within each bottle you'll find that there's even more hidden kitty friends to join you on your voyage. Not to mention, all the accessories and swag you can add on to your Sailor Cat. When it comes to fishing, your agility is put to the test. In order to successfully reel in a fish, you'll need to tap your screen at exactly the right moment, three times in a row. If you miss any of the three taps, you'll lose your catch and start all over. When your boat gets big enough, you start to discover clues on your map that lead you to treasure.

Sailor Cats is a very nice looking game that's sure to please.